• Hard Disk space forecasting for ProjectWise

    As always this is a blog posting so if more information is needed please chime below in the comments and I will update this blog. 

    It is always difficult to forecast space allocation. so my best advice is as follows.

    • Always monitor the free space on your drive if it's getting low allocate more (in a VM) or time to add a second larger drive.
      • Monitoring tools can be used to setup a threshold of minimal space and it…
  • Want to add text or links to ProjectWise WebServer Login page?

    I have had this question come up few times. It is a very simple add to the webpage for ProjectWise WebServer. I have had users who have added simple text and have made fancy logos as well.In this blog it will cover the file to modify and also to add text or a link.


    • As always please back up the original login.aspx located; c:\inetpub\pwweb (the folder can be different depending on where you deploy your site)
    • Next open…