• Global Program Association Guide for Class Names

         Below you will see Class names for some AutoDesk Application types. These names can be used to create Global Program Associations for a Datasource in the ProjectWise Admin module.

       However, please note: The separate MEP, Architecture and Structure are available for only Revit 2016. For Revit 2017 these verticals are ‘merged’  into the Revit 2017, and so they have no separate class names.

         The class names…

  • How to deploy CONNECT client edition package for silent install

    Once you download the latest CONNECT edition ProjectWise client setups, it comes as a single large executable file.

    Please launch this downloaded executable trough command prompt by adding /layout.

    For example "ProjectWise_client_package.exe /layout" , this will give you an option to select extraction directory.