BS1192 -Projectwise Rules Engine and what you should know prior to installing

What is BS1192?  This was a customization previously known as Document Action Manager.  It enables the configuration of user defined document actions for each workflow state. It enforces business processes and extends existing workflow capabilities. A pretty cool tool. 

  • When enabled, these actions override the built-in State change options.
  • Each Operation triggers a rule with a confirmation dialog.
  • Each Rule consists of one or more sequential actions. A rule will not run unless one or more optional conditions are satisfied.
  • It disables the standard ProjectWise workflow commands and displays user defined items in the ProjectWise document Change State menu. 
  • It will execute a chain of document and its attributes modification actions when the custom document action command gets clicked. 
  • The list of custom document commands, their order as well as the rules for document and its attributes modifications are fully configurable.

Prior to installing there are a few factors to consider. Do you want to utilize the tool or not?  This should be installed in a test environment on a test data source, especially if you are unsure that you want to utilize this feature.

  • Once the BS1192 template is deployed on a datasource, usage of the template will be recorded for that datasource until the datasource is removed.  
  • Because the template is fundamentally a set of pre-configured best practices and not a specific software capability, initial deployment of the template on a datasource provides value for the rest of the life of that datasource.
  • Jackie, how would I know on which folders or projects the BS1192 template is installed in my ProjectWise Explorer or even which data sources it was installed on. Is there a way to tell? I have only two data sources and I do not believe that BS1192 was installed, yet my license server reports usage for BS 1192 Template from my integration server.