Can I delete files in the Async-Extraction Directory


1.     Is it ok to delete the contents of this directory?

  •  Yes, it is ok to delete these files in the async-extraction”  directory


2.     What are these files and where do they come from?

  • Files are placed in the async-extraction directory by one of the Document Processors. The Full Text Extraction, Thumbnails or File Properties. Once these files have been processed they should automatically be deleted from this directory. If these files are not getting deleted automatically, it could mean that the file is corrupt, or something is just not working correctly during the extraction process. Look to see if there is a particular file type that is not getting deleted. The problem could be the document processor is having trouble with that type of file.


3.      Other possible reasons a file will may get stuck in this directory:

  • Large files
  • File is not extractable
  • Corrupt file


4.      Where is this asyc-extraction directory?

  • On Windows 2003 and older It is located in the ‘C:\Docuement and settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
  • On Windows 2008 It is located in the C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\async-extraction


 5.     Is there a preferred method to deleting these files?

  •  Not really. You can monitor the drive and or create a procedure to periodically check this directory and delete the files if necessary.


6.     Where can I get more information on how this works?

  •  You can get more information by looking at Chapter 6 of the Implementation Guide or by reading the Extractions section of the ProjectWise Administrator help.