Create many files from one seed file in Projectwise

Create many files from one seed file in Projectwise

A user wanted to create a serious of files using the same seed file in Projectwise.  Each file would be sequential i.e. file1.dgn, file2.dgn and so on.
You can create many files from one seed using the PW Export\Import tool

First, create a folder in PW Explorer where the files we be placed, then add your seed file to the folder
Next (using the tool) create an excel template with the information you want to export\import (by default the file name, document name, and description are part of the spread sheet but through the wizard you can add attribute data as well)
Next, (using the tool) export the seed file using the template.  This will create another excel file
Open the new excel file and edit the data so that the name, descriptions and document file names are to your desire, but point the “FileName” column to the same seed file.

 Example of what the excel file would look like

Description Document File Name File Name Folder Id Folder Name Name Object Id Version Attribute_1
plant plant.dgn C:\export\plant.dgn 90 myPWfolder plant.dgn 8 original
plant1 plant1.dgn C:\export\plant.dgn 90 myPWfolder plant1.dgn one
plant2 plant2.dgn C:\export\plant.dgn 90 myPWfolder plant2.dgn two
plant3 plant3.dgn C:\export\plant.dgn 90 myPWfolder plant3.dgn three
plant4 plant4.dgn C:\export\plant.dgn 90 myPWfolder plant4.dgn four

Finally (using the tool) import using the edited excel file.  The tool will import the one seed file for each row in your excel sheet but it will rename the file, and update the data according to what was entered in the excel sheet.

HINT:  always use the tool to create the excel template and excel import file as it adds extra bits that the tool uses to identfy information in the datasource.

This tool is an add on to ProjectWise explorer and requires a license
You can read about this tool here

And you can download the tool through the select downloads