Delta File Transfer Benchmark Wizard

The Delta File Benchmark Wizard is a tool that will generate 3 files in your workstations temporary directory and will use those files to gauge the performance of the DFT technology.  The application will import these documents into a test folder in the datasource, check them out, make a predefined set of changes to the file data, and then check the files back in.  This will give the user a report on their performance on files that get checked in and checked out.

Lately, I have received a few questions regarding the Delta File Benchmark Wizard and how come users are unable to run it due to a certain security privilege they need to have enabled in ProjectWise Administrator.  In ProjectWise Administrator, the user that is going to run the Delta File Benchmark Wizard needs to have the setting "Allow user to change client/server network settings" enabled under the User Properties and the Settings tab.

This will allow the user to run the Delta File Benchmark Wizard without any issues.