Enabling the Required Comment Prompt in Audit Trail of ProjectWise

There are actually two steps in accomplishing this.

First you need to enable the comment section in the datasource. Then you assign the required comment option to each user, to add or NOT add comments.

 To enable the comment section in the datasource do the following:

  1. Open ProjectWise Administrator and log into the datasource.
  2. Go into the Properties section of the datasource and select the Audit Trail tab and click Settings.
  3. Highlight “Document” in the top window and place a check in the “Log Document Check in” box in the bottom window.
  4. Click Ok | Ok (this setting alone allows entries in the audit trail)

Next assign the option to each individual user to add comments by doing the following:

  1. Select a user and go into the properties section of that user and choose Settings.
  2. Click Audit Trail | Comments and place a check box in “Allow comments for check in” and “Require comment”.
  3. Click ok.
  4. Now log into ProjectWise Explorer and open up a .dgn file.
  5. Check the file back in, and you should be prompted for a comment.
  6. Add your comment.
  7. Click on the file properties and click on the Audit tab. You should now see your comment

Note that when you log in as the user with the required comment option enabled, you see your comments in the audit tab. Now if you log in as a different user (without required comment enabled) you only see that the file was checked in, but no comment was entered.