Error Message: Cannot start application for the specified document. Check your program associations.


ProjectWise integration has been working and no longer is working for one or more of the following Microsoft Office products:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word

 At times, one or more of the following errors are encountered: 




Cannot start application for the specified document.  Check your program associations. Invalid parameter passed to API function.


Cannot start application for the specified document.  Check your program associations.  A client's attempt to establish a conversation failed.


When checking the user ProjectWise Program Associations there are no apparent problems and no user associations have been created.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Open Word or Excel outside of ProjectWise and go to the options dialog box (file>options)
  2. From menu on the left hand side select Add-Ins.  
  3. From here select COM Add-ins from the Manage drop down menu and choose go                                                 
  4. Verify that the ProjectWise Add-In is checked and has not been disabled                                                
  5. If the box for the ProjectWise iDesktop Integration is not toggled on, toogle it on and select ok to close the dialog box.
  6. If the selection does not stick, go back into the Options menu and this time choose Trust Center.
  7. On the Add-Ins section, make sure that add-ins have not been disabled.                                                   
If you are unable to change the settings here, you may need to contact your system administrator as these settings can be managed by group policy settings.  If this still does not resolve your issue, please contact TSG for further troubleshooting.  
  • We've been dealing with this problem for 3 years.  A least three times a week some user gets hit.  Based on the date of this blog it’s disheartening to see this issue still around.  Got two calls on this while writing this post!  Our solution is to have users run a batch routine that deletes the registry entries disabling PW integration.  Users don’t have access to perform the procedure above.