Having conflicts with the “R” drive mapping from the ProjectWise Revit integration?

By default, the ProjectWise Integration Module for Autodesk Revit automatically maps the drive letter R (assuming it is free) on the user´s computer to the user´s ProjectWise working directory, so that every user in the datasource who is using integrated Revit is automatically using the same drive letter. This drive mapping allows for Revit synchronization with the central file. The drive mapping occurs when integration is invoked, and is unmapped again when the session of integrated Revit is over.

If the drive letter R is not free for some of your users, then you will need to change the drive letter (using ProjectWise Administrator) to a drive letter that all of your Revit users have free.

To change the R drive mapping:

  1. Open ProjectWise Administrator and log in to your datasource 
  2. Right-click your datasource and select Properties 
  3. In the Datasource Properties dialog, select the Revit Integration tab
  4. Change the drive letter as needed and click OK