How do I assign a Personal View to my Project?

Let’s say you are using ProjectWise SS4 Explorer on a SS4 datasource and you are logged in as a regular (Non – Admin) ProjectWise user. Let’s call him user1. You know you have a number of Personal views available and the one you want is called PV1. So you click on a particular project and the Personal View you want is not available. Though it is available for other Projects. If you go to the ProjectWise Tool bar and into Manage | Views the Personal View – PV1 – does not appear.

So you try to create the PV1 view, since you can’t see it, it must not be there, but you get the Error:

“ Last Error [56037] Error creating a new view. View with the same names already exists.”

What to do next?

One of the first places to look is within Project Resources for that view. To get to that spot you would highlight the project, select Properties then select the Resources tab. Under the Resource Type, click the drop down arrow and select View. Is PV1 listed? Do you have the option to add a view? If not try the following process.

  1. Login as admin
  2. Manually add the view(s) available, click apply and ok
  3. Login as user1
  4. You still do not see PV1
  5. Logout and Login again as admin
  6. Apply inheritance resources to this project
  7. You still do not see all the views and it looks the same as in step #2 above
  8. However, now when you Login as user1 – you should see the missing view

Notice that when in the Project Properties | Resource Type: | View, this can be set to inherit or None - Locally Assigned. Chances are you could not see the PV1 view because  – in this case – it was set NOT to inherit. If you look at the other projects that could see the PV1 view, they were most likely set with Inheritance.

The bottom line is that this can be fixed with inheritance. If you want your Project to have the same views as the other projects, apply inheritance to the project for the views and ensure that this project view resources match the projects you want to emulate.

Finally as a side note, once you highlight a project (e.g.Proj1) and create a Personal View, you will not see it in the view drop down box. If you navigate to another Project you will see your new view there. Once you go back to the original project (Proj1) your just created view will now appear.