Linking a ProjectWise path to an Attribute

Hi all,

I am wanting to link a files ProjectWise File path to an attribute, such as "pw:\\\Documents\Z23500+\Z2312501\01\General\Z2312501-01-001-G002"

This way when a user looks at a hard copy they know where to go to find the drawing.

Currently we do this outside of ProjectWise with an AutoCAD Field. Obviously with ProjectWise this is giving me the local working folder which isnt really much use.

I have searched for a ProjectWise field to do this, but havent been able to find one.  Maybe a sequel statement would do it...

Any help greatly appreciated...



  • Hi George.

    I would using the search function to do a search or save a custom search based on the drawing number or metadata that would identify the document. The search functionality in Projectwise far outweighs digging down through a tree of folders.

    You  can, as you say use SQL to build the PW path, but you would probably need to save it in an attribute of the environment that the drawing is in, and have it update regularly in case the document is moved.  You could then map that attribute to an attribute in the dwg title block, that would be updated on open (assuming you have this option enabled.)