Managing Reference Versions

Have you ever wanted to use a different version of reference document for a master document or need to lock specific reference versions with the master document versions?

In ProjectWise Explorer, you can update a master document to use a different version of the same reference document (see Fig 1a and Fig 1b.) The version that you specify will be copied out when the master document is opened and used instead of the active version. This version of the reference will continue to be used by the master document until you select another version to lock to the master document.



In the “lock reference to specific versioned master document” use case, you can set “Lock reference document to versions” feature. When this feature is set, it will lock the referenced versions to the master document version as it is being created.

Note: The references are lock to the versioned master document. However, the active master document references link will be broken, allowing you to select a new path to a specific reference file to attach for the active master document.

This feature is available in the Datasource Settings, ProjectWise Administrator (see Fig 2.).


For more information to lock a specific version of a reference document to the master document, please refer to the ProjectWise V8i Help.




  • Thank you for the info. It remains for us still a problem when the lock is "on" and the option just below "prompt user to update on open" only works when the lock is "on". When the lock is off, the reference defaults always to the latest version of the reference file which is not what we always want. that is PWE ans PW Server For some users we need the lock AND the Prompt, for other users we need the latest version but would be nice to still have the prompt though. Now this setting is forced on the entire Datasource. Would nice to be able to set this per project or per folder or workarea. 



  • Version locking can take care of this Dan.  if enabled it will lock the selected version of the reference to the master.  if this is used also make sure to turn on the notification dialogue.  Alternatively, if a user selects a previous version of a file ProjectWise will lock to that version regardless of the version locking settings.

  • We want something similar but more specific, looks like this reference management hasn't progressed much.

    By default PW uses the latest version of a file referenced into another master file in the background whenever the reference file is raised a version,  a scenario if the reference file is raised to a new version, the master file will get this latest version of the reference file automatically.  There is no way (automatically) that the master file can lock this current version of the reference file (latest at that moment) when it was attached to the master file that it stays locked even this reference file is raised to new versions subsequently regardless without user intervention.

  • John, we are trying to use digital signatures in our sheet files.  We have perhaps ten sheet files looking at the base file and we want to lock each sheet file to a version of the base file, that way if the base file is revised it will only affect the plan sheet that's attached.  can we do this through file versions?