Moving your ProjectWise Database

We get a lot of questions on how users can move their ProjectWise Database from one server to another.  This is actually a very easy task by following the steps below:

  1. Make sure all of your users are out of ProjectWise then shut down the ProjectWise Integration Server service.
  2. Open up your ODBC connection for ProjectWise (remember to use the 32 bit ODBC connection if you are using ProjectWise prior to SS4) and change the server in the ODBC connection you have setup for ProjectWise.
  3. If your username and password for your database has changed it is now time to change this in your ProjectWise system, if it has not changed then skip to step 12.
  4. Open up your dmskrnl.cfg file and scroll all the way to the bottom where your datasource listings are shown.  There are three values here we need to change.
  5. The first is DBUserName, this will be the new username for the new database.
  6. The second will be DBUserPassword, this will be the new password for the new username for the new database.  You will enter this in plain text (it will be encrypted below).
  7. The third is DBUsrPwdDecrypt, this will be set to 0 to reencrypt a plain text password.  When we restart the ProjectWise Integration Server service this will automatically be encrypted.
  8. Repeats steps 5-7 for all of the datasources hosted on this Integration Server.  (if you are broadcasting other datasources from other servers there is no need to change anything with them.)
  9. Save and close the dmskrnl.cfg.
  10. Restart the ProjectWise Integration Server service.
  11. Reopen the dmskrnl.cfg file, scroll to the bottom and you will see that all of the passwords have been encrypted.
  12. Open up your ProjectWise client and make sure you can login, once you can login everything is mapped to the new database.
If you have any further questions on this or the steps above are not working, please call into ProjectWise Technical Support and we can help you get your system up and running.