ProjectWise Project Sharing Service

The ProjectWise Project Sharing service was introduced with the launch of the Bentley CONNECT Edition.  The service facilitates the sharing and receiving of project content among multiple organizations for the purpose of design coordination.This Bentley CONNECT Cloud service provides the ability to sync files into or out of ProjectWise datasources to or from a Windows folders directory.  The synchronization service support synchronizing folders from

  • ProjectWise to ProjectWise datasources
  • ProjectWise to Windows folders
  • Windows folders to ProjectWise datasources
  • Windows to Windows folders

By utilizing this service, sub contractors that are not working in ProjectWise can sync their files into your ProjectWise system without the need for setting up a Gateway service or pinning holes in the firewall to allow access.  The synchronization service monitors the folders specified for new files, changed files or deleted files and synchronizes they files to the organizations you have shared the content with.  This also means that if you no longer want to share content with a project participant, when you remove them from the share, the files are removed from their repository.  This means you maintain ownership of your content.  For more information on the technical requirements and installation of the sync service, please head over to the ProjectWise Project Sharing community.

Since there are multiple ways to share and move content in the ProjectWise Environment, you may also be asking yourself how to know when to use which solution. The ProjectWise Project Sharing service is when  there is an informal relationship between sender and recipient.  If  you have a more formal relationship and there are contractual requirements for deliverable dates then your organization would want to use ProjectWise Deliverables management.  If you are only looking to move files within your organization, than ProjectWise global worksharing would be the appropriate solution.