What the Web won’t do for you…Continued

A few years back, there was a useful  “Jo West” blog posted for giving information on features that ProjectWise Explorer clients
would provide, but that you couldn’t utilize from the ProjectWise Web or PW SharePoint client. This is an  update to this.  The former link is below:




  • Create Projects
  • Upgrade Folders to Projects
  • Scan for References (at Folder level)
  • Cut and Paste Folders
  • Rename folders


  • Open With
  • Update or Refresh server copies
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Modify multiple attributes at once


  • Manage (define) views
  • Choose Columns
  • Sort


  • Create Custom Toolbars
  • Configuring User Application Associations
  • PW Messenger
  • Local Document Organizer
  • Scan for Reference Files (at Document Level)
  • Wizard Manager)
  • Batch Plot


  • Windows Drag and Drop capability
  • Spatial Integration (This feature is now available
    as Web Parts now includes Spatail Navigation Web Part)
  • Interplot Integration
  • Microstation Batch Plotting
  • Speed (it’s just not as fast)


  • Can receive Delta File Transfer benefits
  • Change Document attributes
  • Can search from folder level  and Datasource vs. just only at Datasource level
  • Flat sets are available
  • Has Desktop Integration so that Microstation and AutoCAD Users can do titleblock exchange and reference file attachment (the references
    display in the Web Parts in Microstation only if they happen to be stored in the same ProjectWise folder as the master document)