Why won't my Automated File Processing unprocessed files statistic go down?

One recent feature to ProjectWise is the datasource statistics and inside of these statistics are the Automated File Processing numbers.  The numbers that catch most of our user's eyes are the files processed and the unprocessed files, these numbers are there to let user's know how many files have been processed and how many files have not been processed.  One question user's ask us is "Why do the unprocessed numbers never reach zero?"  Well there is a reason for this and to further understand why we need to first understand how these numbers are generated.  The unprocessed number will increase every time one of two actions happen, first is when a new document is added to ProjectWise, the second is every time a file gets checked out/checked in, the one that we want to focus on is every time a document gets checked out/in.  In a busy datasource a file can get checked out/checked in many times during a day and each time this document gets marked for reprocessing.  Now imagine this in a busy datasource and you can see that this operation can happen thousands of times a day increasing the unprocessed numbers, a document could even get processed numerous times a day and if it has not been processed when the statistics get run then it will show as unprocessed.  With an active datasource it is impossible to have your numbers hit zero and stay there.  Now one important thing to remember is just because it is unprocessed does not mean that there is not data inside of ProjectWise, it just means that it is not up to date.  We'll use Thumbnails as an example, a user may check out a dgn, add a line and then check the file back in.  Now this will mark the file for reprocessing and increase the unprocessed number by one, but there is still a thumbnail in the ProjectWise database it just does not have this new line in it, which looking at a thumbnail is very hard to see.  So what I am trying to say is that even though you may have a lot of unprocessed documents this does not mean that you have no data.  The ratio  that you want to pay attention to is your processed numbers are increasing greater then your unprocessed numbers, so as long as this is happening you are in green (please take note of how many documents were added to the system during this time frame as well)  The only true way to have these numbers reach zero is to stop all activity to the datasource and allow the Automated File Processing to catch up.

If you have any questions please feel free to call into TSG and we will be glad to assist you or go over what is happening in greater detail.