Windows 8 Alert File x86 / Bentley ProjectWise Does Not Exist

Have you installed ProjectWise on a Windows 8 computer and all works fine until you open a MicroStation file?

If it fails, do you get the message Alert File [(x86)/Bentley/ProjectWise/] does not exist?

This message will sometimes indicate that the 8.3 folder name was stripped from c:\program files(x86), when MicroStation was trying to
launch from ProjectWise.

One way to test if this is what is going on is to do the following:

On Windows 8, Run the following commands:

In desktop mode, press the Windows key and R at the same time, to show the run command line.

Type in:                       
C:/PROGRA~2/Bentley/PROJEC~1/      and click OK


Normally that command would open the PW installation folder. If it does then you may have a different problem.

If it does NOT open the ProjectWise installation folder, then the problem is related to this 8.3 folder name issue.

Noe a Trouble Report. has already been filed on this.


However, to get around this you could move the ProjectWise and MicroStation installations to a different location,

such as C:\ (file:///C:/).