Are You Interested in the ProjectWise Import/Export Tool?

There was an announcement posted about the ProjectWise Export/Import Tool on August 8th, 2012:

“ProjectWise Export/Import Tool is now available for all ProjectWise users”

Here are a couple of hints about using the ProjectWise Export/Import tool.

First make sure that you have the correct version. The ProjectWise Import Export tool is specifically designed for use with specific versions (or higher) of the ProjectWise Explorer. If you are running ProjectWise Explorer (SELECTseries 3) version you need to install the 08.11.09.xx version of the ProjectWise Export/Import tool.

 If you are running ProjectWise Explorer (SELECTseries 4 version you need to install the version of the ProjectWise Export/Import tool.

TIP: When you download any application from SELECTservices the dependencies list does show which PW versions are supported for the specific application/build being downloaded.

To use the ProjectWise Export/Import tool you must have MS Excel installed on the client. MS Excel doesn’t have to be integrated, just available.

After installing you need to create an Excel Template specifically for the ProjectWise data that you want to work with; the template file is specific to the datasource and environment.  The wizard to create the template is available from the Windows Program Files menu.

There are some new menu items added in ProjectWise Explorer after installation and using them is fairly straight forward.

 The key to success with the ProjectWise Export/Import tool is having the right template available. You should never copy and/or reuse the spreadsheets created by the Export/Import tool for other files or datasources.

  • Terry,

    You can create Excel Template going to All Programs > Bentley > ProjectWise > Excel Export-Import > Create Excel Template. If this menu isn't there it means you don't have it installed on your computer. You can install it by launching ProjectWise Client Setup installation file and install 'ProjectWise Export/Import Tool'.

    Also, if you just need to import folder/documents from windows directory I would do this with drag /drop function. And if you need to add attributes to all the imported documents then I would export it from ProjectWise, add attributes in Excel spreadsheet and import it back.

  • I wish to import many folders/documents from windows directory. All the guides point me to an Import with Excel tool. Under All Programs>Bentley>ProjectWise>Tools I only have Export wizard and Import wizard which doesn't allow me to create a template. Where can I find the Import with Excel tool please ? Is it available as a download ?