Are You Keeping Your Copy Outs?

We get questions about files that are slow to open from ProjectWise. The person calling feels that it shouldn’t be slow because “Leave local copy on check in” is turned on in the user’s settings.

Looking at the user’s settings reveals that yes this setting is checked on but the other setting necessary to make this work is not. So there is no performance improvement.

The settings that I am referring to are located on the Settings Tab of the User Properties dialog. Expand the Document section and you will see four settings:

□     Leave local copy on check in

□     Leave local copy on free

□     Use up to date copy on check out

□     Use up to date copy on copy out

These settings are used to allow files to persist in the working directory and to allow those persisted files to be used from the client computer. If you turn on “Leave local copy on check in” when you check in a file the local copy won’t be deleted. But if you don’t turn on “Use up to date copy on check out” the file will be copied to the local computer anyway.

Remember that only the master file is checked out, the reference files are copied out. If you don’t turn on the setting to “Leave local copy on free” those files will be deleted. And again you need to turn on “Use up to date copy on copy out” to use them if they are there.

These settings have little impact if you are on a fast network or only open a file once. On a slow network turning on all four settings, will have a noticeable impact on how long it takes to open a file for the second time.