Are you making the best use of your time?

Your time is valuable and so is our documentation. Over the past few years Bentley software and support has worked very hard to provide excellent documentation (in great detail) on everything from the Implementation Guide that is delivered with the server install, and the Help Section delivered with the ProjectWise software.

As business demands change, more and more consultants are brought in to assist companies with projects.  Power users or IT folks are "inheriting" the PW Admin role and left to figure things out on their own.  

Many users already subscribe to RSS feeds for our Blogs but did you know that we also have ProjectWise Technotes you can subscribe to? This is where ProjectWise TSG documents step by step processes and procedures to some of our most "common" issues. 

Support is only a phone call away, but in many instances you may not have time.  We may direct you to our Technote pages for "How do I do this" types of questions, or to review each step to verify that certain configurations were implemented, especially if something that was just installed is not working.

As a new admin, save yourself time and browse through our technical documentation. Subscribe to our Forums, Wiki's, Technotes and Blogs. Send your "new" users a link to BE Communities-Content Management.  Maybe they can research and resolve their own issue before calling you.