Are You Upgrading to Windows 7? Read This First.

When you upgrade your workstation to Windows 7 it can affect your Projectwise working directory. The most common symptom is that when you are working with integrated applications the check-in dialog will not appear.

The problem is that the Windows 7 OS has replaced the “C:\Documents and Settings” folder with “C:\Users”. The “Documents and Settings” folder does still exist as a Protected System folder.  In fact if you turn on the display of protected system folders and select the Documents and Settings folder you will see the structure below Users. That is because the Documents and Setting folder redirects to the Users folder.

Any application integrated or unintegrated should show the check-in dialog as you close the application. Having the users working folder pointed to Documents and Settings (as a Protected System Folder) may interfere with the display of this dialog. It depends on the permissions of the user.

You can resolve this issue by changing the users working directory from “C:\Documents and Settings\...” to “C:\Users\...”  You will need to change the working directory for every user in the datasource.

If you use Windows or Windows – Syncronized Users you can change multiple users at a time by using a variable statement. To change multiple users:

  • Select the users you wish to modify
  • Right-Click and select Properties
  • Select the Settings Tab
  • Expand Working Directory
  • Expand When using ProjectWise Explorer
  • Put your cursor in the field showing “…”
  • Key-in C:\Users\$USER.NAME$\[PWData] (PWData should be your standard folder and may be left off.)
  • Select OK and Exit

NOTE: It is a Best Practice before changing the destination of a working folder to make sure that all the files have been checked in and purged before performing the command.

The next time the users log in, they will not be prompted with the dialog to create the working directory because it is technically the same path as before.  However, they will be prompted with the ProjectWise check-in dialog when closing out of files.