Automatically populating two attributes with the same data

I wanted to have two attributes with the same value but I did not want to have to enter the information twice.

In Projectwise Administrator create two attributes.  In this example I named them ATTRIB_A and ATTRIB_B

In ATTRIB_B’s properties, under the value tab, set the ‘Default value Type’ to ‘System Variable’ and then populate the field with $EDIT#ATTRIB_A$

Do the same for the ‘Update Value’ setting the type to ‘system variable’ and populating the field with $EDIT#ATTRIB_A$

In the ‘Update field when’ section, click on the radio button for ‘Specific Attribute(s) are updated’ then click the browse button and choose ATTRIB_A

In ProjectWise explorer when you add or change the value for ATTRIB_A then click ‘Save’ the value you entered for ATTRIB_A will populate in ATTRIB_B.