Changing Views while in a document set – Select View

When in ProjectWise Explorer, changing your view is typically done by accessing the menu tool bar and selecting View | Manage Views. However, what if you wanted to change views while inside a document set? You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Open ProjectWise Explorer and log into a datasource


  1. Ensure that you have more than 1 view available to you (if you do not have additional views available this will NOT work)


  1. Highlight a file that has references attached


  1. Right click on the file and select | Set | show references


  1. Expand the box so that you can see the columns – note the column names


  1. Right click on either the Master file or a reference file and choose Select View


  1. You should now see your other available views and be able to choose one and change the view


  1. Notice that when you exit you still have your original view in ProjectWise Explorer


  1. Note that even if you are not in a set, you can change views by using the Select View option. (though this works only with files)


  1. Open ProjectWise Explorer | Right click on a file, highlight Select View and change views.