Citrix\XenApp Working Directory....cont'd


   This is to further clarify a previously posted blog that discusses this issue:


   In the screen shot below, from the ProjectWise Admin module User “Settings” tab. Under working directory, you also have to specify a logical “path” similar to the

example below, specifying C:\pwworkdir\$USERNAME$ in addition to the radial button for $USERNAME$ “and” unchecking “Allow user to change working directory”


    In the ProjectWise Admin module > User Node > Right click on User Properties > Settings Tab > Expand Working Directory > Uncheck “Allow user to change working
directory” > Expand “When using ProjectWise Explorer” > Select  Node Identification to expand > Select radial button for “Use the User’s host computer name or username” 

  Double click on $Hostnames$ to reveal a drop down menu > Select $User.Name$

Now the tricky part…

   Click on the Folder with magnifying glass icon that has a blank area to the right.   Click on the folder with the magnifying glass and label “When using ProjectWise Explorer"

 as this will reveal a single line that can be further clicked on to expand a blank, editable field.  You have to “single” click to get an editable field” vs double clicking.

   Enter a logical path for all your Users to use for their working directory.  Ex.  C:\PWWorkDir\$USER.NAME$






When Users log into ProjectWise Explorer, they will see a dialog asking to create a working directory. They should acknowledge this. If they try to change the
working directory (which is not desired), they will get an error message as you have set “User cannot change working directory”.