Did Your User Synchronization stop synching?

For various reasons your PW User Synch is not working.  First check the services on the server and ensure that the User synch service is running.  Typically this would be your Integration Server. If the services appear to be running, next open ProjectWise Administrator.  In your data source, go to the Windows Security System node and right click User Synchronization Service, and select Properties. When the dialog opens you should see the name of the Computer that the User Synchronization is on.  In somecases we have seen browsing to the server may not work and you can’t find  the server name.  Even if the computer name is already listed, missing or contains the incorrect server name, highlight and delete what is listed. Retype the computer host name and user name/password information for the ProjectWise admin account. Restart the services and.try to run the User Synchronization. 

What if only one user has an issue?

If you cannot get a single user or several random users synchronized from Active Directory, there could be a few reasons that this is occurring.  Typically there is a lost SID or the user was created in ProjectWise with a SID that no longer matches the SID in AD. Switching the user to “windows” and then back to “windows synchronized” should flush and recreate the user SID.