Domain Name Change and ProjectWise FQDN Best Practice

Warning* Consult with your IT /Network team before making any changes.

For the last few years now I’ve been pushing best practice of using Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) in configuration files and not using IP addresses. There is a reason for that and the reason is to make such situations easier. If your IT team requires a change in FQDN names, as long as you do not change the IP address and do not change the server names, the information below will help you.

Example: changes to

If there is a domain name changed required, the steps below are simple areas that you will need to update.

  • Update your dmskrnl.cfg files to reflect the new domain name on all servers (Integration, Gateway, Caching etc…) Each section that has the old domain will need to be updated with the new name.
  • Make sure your storage area is updated with the new domain name. In the Server field of the storage area properties.
  • If you are using a domain account for services, then those need to be updated and restarted.
  • On the WebServer, Web Services Gateway and ProjectWise Client ProjectWise Network tool needs to have the updated FQDN in the DNS and Datasource listing tabs.
  • You will need to resync your new domain users accounts via User Synchronization.
    • You can also use PowerShell to do this. You’ll need to export your users to a CSV file and then update the accounts and reimport it back in via PowerShell.