Ease the pain and prevent painful restores!

Ok, so we've explained how to find the DMS folder id number in ProjectWise in a prior posting, so now if a user deletes a folder in SS3 you have to go through the painful process of finding the file/folder and restoring from your backup.

Great, so how do you do this?  Basic disaster/recovery information can be found in the Implementation Guide that is delivered in the server download files. 

In ProjectWise SELECTseries, development added some pretty nice features that can help ease your pain. Unfortunately most admins inherited an existing environment or are new to the role. Don't wait to find out the hard way that they weren't in place.

In ProjectWise Administrator under the Datasource properties there are a few options under the Settings Tab.

There's a Global delete option that will only allow the Admin or folder or document owners permission.

The Miscellaneous option will move deleted documents to the Recycle Bin on the storage server. NICE!!! Remember though, it’s going to be in the recycle bin on the storage located under the user account that you set this up as in PW Admin.

You still have the option in the USER property Settings either globally or individually under the Folder and Project Permissions to restrict the user delete permissions.

And if you're ever wondering for "What's New in ProjectWise"? We have that section in the readme that is also delivered with the server download