Full Text Search & iFilters

ProjectWise Full Text Search enables text to be searched that is resided in the content file. To setup such functionality, it is required to enable some windows components (Microsoft MSMQ and Indexing Service) and setting up of ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service and ProjectWise Integration Server. The purpose of this document is not to detail how Full Text Search should be setup, because such information can be found in the implementation guide and Bentley online help.

What I want to emphasis in this document is the “Not-so-obvious” and hope you will find this document helpful.

Did you know that if you want to search for text that is within a MicroStation DGN file or DWG file the first software you need to install is “Microstation” prior ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service? If the order of software installation is incorrect, you won’t find any text from the CAD files.

Did you know that if you want to search for text from MS office 2007 files (.DOCX, .XLSX, as well Visio files etc) you need to install Microsoft Filter Pack?.

Did you know if you want to search for text from Microsoft outlook messages you need to install both MSG iFilter and Windows Desktop Search from Microsoft?. With ProjectWise V8i Generation, it is not required anymore to install Microsoft Outlook on the server just for the sake of extracting text from Microsoft outlook messages. It is quite handy to know that with the right iFilters installed, it is possible to search for text from email attachments as well.