Hard Disk space forecasting for ProjectWise

As always this is a blog posting so if more information is needed please chime below in the comments and I will update this blog. 

It is always difficult to forecast space allocation. so my best advice is as follows.

  • Always monitor the free space on your drive if it's getting low allocate more (in a VM) or time to add a second larger drive.
    • Monitoring tools can be used to setup a threshold of minimal space and it notifies you. (Your IT team can always assist in this area)
  • For ProjectWise it's difficult to predict especially since projects can be extremely busy and or not have any traffic in them for months or years. 
    • advice here is archive your projects and later record retention can be in place or use Imodel Composition Server (ICS) to move the archive data to a different datasource. Which of course you will need two drives but once will always have freespace (production) and will never disrupt the production environment.
  • I always tell users who ask me this question: at least 100-200 GB of free pace should be available, but more is always better.