How to Configure FTR so Searches Work in a Load Balancing Cluster

If you are running FTR in a cluster with 2 or more heads and 1 tail there is some configuration that needs to be done so that Full Text Searches can work.  Here are the steps: 


1.     Configure the heads/tail setup correctly and make sure all of the globes in the OF Administrator are operational (they do not have any X's or !'s in them).

2.     Shut down one of Integration Servers, if you have multiple nodes you will want to shut all of them down but one.  Depending on how your cluster is set up you can either shut down the Integration Server Service or the actual server itself.  I recommend shutting down the server itself to be sure.

3.     Launch ProjectWise Administrator

4.     Log into your datasource

5.     Configure the Full Text Indexing (Thumbnail Extraction and File Property Extraction if you are going to use these as well) under Document Processors. You will want to make sure you configure everything in the Full Text Indexing Properties, the most important parts include Index Server, ProjectWise User and  Password.

6.     Get a copy of the DmsAfpEngineConf.xml on the one node that is running.  This is the file that holds all of the information that you have entered in step #5.  This is located in various places depending on your version and if you are 32 or 64 bit:

a.     SS4 and CE: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\Bin\DmsAfpEngineConf.xml"

b.     SS3 and earlier 64 bit: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\ProjectWise\Bin\DmsAfpEngineConf.xml"

c.     SS3 and earlier 32 bit: "C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\Bin\DmsAfpEngineConf.xml"

7.     Start up your other Integration Server node(s)

8.     Copy the DmsAfpEngineConf.xml that you gathered in step #6 and place in the appropriate location depending on your version and if you are 32 or 64 bit.

9.     Restart your Integration Server Service on your node(s)

10.   Perform a full text search to make sure it works.


ProjectWise stores the full text settings in the DmsAfpEngineConf.xml file.  If you try to configure it on each server with all of the nodes running, the ProjectWise Administrator will connect to the different nodes writing different values in each file. This will result in your users not being able to run Full Text Searches.  So if you need to make a change to your Document Processors you will need to follow the steps outlined above.  

If you have any further questions or would like us to explain this more, please call your Support and we will be glad to help you.