How to manage ProjectWise Mobile Access server's local document cache?

You might wonder how these documents are being managed, inreality this is identical to how ProjectWise Explorer client manages users work directory and the principle is the same. They stored there until user decides to remove files or delete the directory.

ProjectWise Mobile Access Server stores ProjectWise documents in a local directory that is selected during deployment (c:\pwmas_workdir i.e.) before forwarding those to iPad.

The positive side for this is that when the document is updated it only downloads changes using Bentley’s Delta File Transfer(DFT) technology, though you might be worried that the working directories size might get too big or don’t want the ProjectWise Documents to be stored  in that location for security or any other reason.

Recommended approach in such case would be to create a scheduled task that would delete the contents of the work directory during off work hours(midnight i.e.) to prevent the folder from growing to unwanted size or holding ProjectWise Documents for extended periods of time. Another approach would be to create a batch(bat) file that would find documents that have been created for longerthan a required period of time and remove those selectively.