Is AutoCAD LT compatible with ProjectWise?

AutoCAD LT does not allow for customizations. AutoDesk reserves that for the full versions of the products.


Here is a link to the AD developer network for reference.


Quoted directly from their developer network agreement:

"You may not use the Software to develop applications for AutoCAD LT®, DWG TrueConvert™, and DWG TrueView™ software, as the aforementioned products are nonextensible applications and the use of the Software to develop applications for these products is expressly prohibited by this Agreement"


You can create an AutoCAD LT application association in ProjectWise which will allow dwg files to be opened with AutoCAD LT, however advanced application integration feature for ProjectWise will not be present. Open, edit, save, close will be supported, but things like save as, open, New, Attach link will not be integrated with ProjectWise. This will support a review workflow but is not really viable for an authoring workflow.


MicroStation which is fully integrated with ProjectWise and uses the DWG compatibility mode can be used as an option verses purchasing a full copy of AutoCAD.

  • Hi Jacki,

    Is Inventor LT  integrated with Projectwise? I can upgrade the LT packages to Inventor LT cheaper than Full AutoCAD.

  • Matt:

    Yes, you can open most file types when you check a file out of ProjectWise. That is supported. Anything beyond that with the LT version is not. That's an AutoDesk thing, not ProjectWise.  

    Integrated functionality such as edit, xrefs, etc. is supported only with the full AutoCAD version.

  • Hi Jacki,

    We are looking into purchasing Projectwise so this would apply to the most recent version.

    It looks like you say open is supported and unsupported in LT 2014. I assume open is supported else edit save and close would be tough...  Are Xrefs supported? Are OLE's supported.

    Matt 1/29/2015