Is ProjectWise Geospatial Management for You?

Managing documents, database information, images, and data created from a broad array of geographic locations can be a difficult, skills-intensive process. For the most part, this information typically relates to a portfolio of projects and applications, too, making things such as project start-up times, team performance, and reusability of content an ever-increasing challenge.

So, have you or your organization experienced similar project collaboration and work-sharing issues? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ ProjectWise Geospatial Management is for you.

In his Wednesday morning technical lecture, Geospatially enable ProjectWise for the Geospatial and Transportation Users, Carlos Martins, #Bentley15 trainer and information management aficionado, guided users through the benefits of bringing information to a geospatial level. Among the benefits of the ProjectWise Geospatial Management Extension covered:

 Localizing your Projects on a Map

  1. Quick navigation and access to documents and folders in a spatial context.
  2. Projects, folders, and documents are
    displayed with a footprint geometry on
    a Map
  3. Footprints can be symbolized using
    different thematic – i.e. document state,
    project phase, and more

 Searching for Data Using a Combination of Criterias, Including a Region of Interest

  1. Define Search Areas for Documents, Folders, and Projects using different tools
  2. Advanced searches by combining any document property and area of interest
  3. Display the result of the search on a map

 Indexing Images

  1. Extract and create the Spatial Location according to the GPS information
  2. Spatial location that represents what the camera “sees” instead of only from where the image was taken
  3. Retrieve any other tags that might be present and match them with existing environment attributes

…and more.

Want the full scoop on how the ProjectWise Geospatial Management Extension can help you better communicate and distribute files? Stay tuned for the on-demand lecture in the LEARNing Conference 2015 - ProjectWise Learning Pathannouncement coming soon to the Bentley LEARNing Conference Community!