Need a way to backup a Project in ProjectWise?

The ProjectWise Export Wizard can be used to export all folders, files, metadata, application definitions, environment definitions, and so on required to restore this data at a future date. This project can then be imported into any other datasource using the ProjectWise Import Wizard.


Note: The Export Wizard does not export users and associated group membership, workflow states or security schema(s).


Once the Export Wizard has finished, the script file and the actual document files will be in the temporary folder specified for the script file. The files will be in a subfolder named “files000”. The script file created by the export process is critical as it contains all the metadata mentioned above. This file will be needed to restore the project using the Import Wizard.


To Perform a Full Backup on a Selected Project Using the ProjectWise Export Wizard


1. Create a temporary folder in which to store the exported files prior to committing to backup media.

2. From ProjectWise Administrator, record all storage area definitions used by this project, including computer hostname or IP address, and folder name.

3. From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > Bentley > ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4) > Tools > Export Wizard.

4. Log in to the datasource as Administrator.

5. Select 'Selected' (or all if you are not sure) and select any/all Environments associated with the project.

6. Click Next to continue.

7. Select 'From selected folders with subfolders' and then select the root level folder for the project. You must double-click a folder to select it.

8. Turn on Export parent folder and click Next.

9. Enter a script file path and name (use the temporary folder created earlier) and click Export.


Once the Backup process completes, the ProjectWise Import Wizard can be used to restore the backup or import to another datasource.


For the complete Backup and Restore process procedures, please refer to Chapter 21in the PWImplementationGuide.pdf