New Feature on Caching Servers

Did you ever look at your caching server and wonder which cache storage path came from which server?  In the past only the IP address were listed, c:\cache\files\\.  Well now in Select Series 3 there is a new switch you can use on your caching server, the switch is "UseHostNameInPath."  What this will do is use the hostnames of the server the cached files are coming from instead of the IP address, by default this is off.  If you'd like to see the host names of the servers on your caching server, please use UseHostnameInPath = 1.  An example in your dmskrnl.cfg file would look like this:


enabled = true

storagepath = c:\cache

UseHostnameInPath = 1 

limit = 200


If you have any further questions and/or it is not working, please contact TSG and we will gladly answer any questions and resolve any issues you may have.