Program Associations and unintegrated Applications

Have you ever wondered if you can open documents in ProjectWise for applications that are not listed as integrated applications?  ProjectWise integration is defined for Microstation, AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.  However, users can still store and open documents in ProjectWise that fall out of this scope.  These types of documents will still open, they will just not be integrated.  For example, Microsoft Office 2010 is not currently supported through ProjectWise as an integrated application, but you can still store and open documents created in Office 2010 in ProjectWise.  When you open these documents, integration will not work, ie. File>open will not bring up a PW dialog box, titleblocks will not work.  While there currently is no iDesktop integration for Office 2010, preventing interaction with ProjectWise from within the Office apps (File Open, Save As, etc.), there are no restrictions from managing and accessing Office 2010 files from ProjectWise Explorer.


In the ProjectWise Adminstrator under Applications, a .zip file is listed as an application.  There is no integration with zip files but you can store them in ProjectWise.  The ProjectWise Administrator can create the default action to use when opening a zip file out of ProjectWise.  If nothing is defined as the default action in ProjectWise Admin, when opening a .zip file, the user's are prompted with what program to open the file with.  If you check the box for "always use this program" you are creating a user association for a program.   If the ProjectWise Admin has defined the default program to use and a user prefers a different file compresson utility than the one defined, they can open  ProjectWise Explorer and select Tools>Associations>Programs and define what they prefer the default utility to be when opening a .zip file. 

You can define program associations for your login so that default programs are used when opening documents out of ProjectWise, these are called user associations.  Default program associations which we call Global Associations for the datasource are set by your ProjectWise Administrator. You can see what these default associations are, and change your personal program associations if necessary using the Program Associations dialog (Tools > Associations > Programs).  When the association view is set to Global associations in the Program Associations dialog, the Applications list displays the association settings defined by your ProjectWise Administrator. When the association view is set to User in the Program Associations dialog, the applications list displays the association settings defined by the user currently logged into ProjectWise.  When the association view is set to All associations, the Applications list displays both User and Global associations. That is, it shows the User association if one is defined, otherwise it shows the Global association.  User associations are unique for each ProjectWise user, so any changes made to an application's settings only affect the user that is currently logged in to ProjectWise, these settings will follow a user from computer to computer as long as it is the same user logging in.  Bentley recommends always following your Global Associations that your ProjectWise Administrator has set up, if you are having problems with associations please contact your ProjectWise Administrator.