ProjectWise and High Latency Environments




Due to  the nature of high latency networks there are some optional settings in both PWAdmin and the user mcm.cfg that can be changed to help improve performance in ProjectWise. 

PLEASE keep in mind that these settings are just suggestions and should be left to the discretion of your PW Administrator. 

Can be used in ProjectWise 08.09.04.xx versions and above

PW Admin –You can turn on these items on under User Properties, Document setting

  • Leave local copy on check in
  • Leave local copy on free
  • Use up to date local copy on check out
  • Use up to date local copy on copy out



Does everyone read this in it's entirety? Ok, I won't answer that, but I'm sure we all do enough reading just to keep up and everyone has their "standard" default configurations that gets copied to the newer version when upgrading, but reading this and could be important to you and your users.

 These settings are set by default unless otherwise changed only in 08.11.07.xx versions. Earlier versions were not default. Please review these settings fully in the mcm file

PW_TITLEBLOCKS_ENABLE_PRESCANNING = 1 by default  (can be turned off =0)

  • This variable, if set, causes the title block module to check if a reference file has any title blocks before attempting to fetch the attribute values from ProjectWise.
  • **If all (or most) of the reference files have title blocks in them, it is recommended that this setting be turned OFF.


  • This variable speeds up the opening of a file with a large number of references by not checking the reference files for title blocks if turned off.
  • This variable, if set =1, enables updating title blocks in reference files.
  • Note that title blocks in new reference attachments will also not be updated.


  • This variable, if causes the title block module to not update titleblocks in a reference file when the reference file is reloaded.
  • If the reference polling feature is used frequently, then some performance increase can be obtained by setting this configuration variable.
  • When turned on this helps particularly when large numbers of reference files are updated on server/reloaded on client.
  • When to disable- If the user has tags in the reference titleblock that are maintained for the master file and wants the tags to be updated on reload, the is variable should be disabled.


  • In pre-08.11.07.xx ProjectWise, the default behavior was to try to update the title blocks for all files, even if the file was opened in read-only mode. The default behavior of title block update was changed with 08.11.07.xx release.
  • Title blocks will be no longer updated if it's not possible to change the file (e.g.: file is write protected).
  • There are few exceptions for this new behavior, set this to 1 if title blocks update in references, is requested by the user or
  • title blocks are updated during file printing/publishing by Print Organizer and i-model Composer

PW_REFUPDT_CHK_ONCE = Not Defined by default

  • The information is cached for the file. It will speed up changing models, attaching or reattaching reference files and other operations where reference attachment information needs to be verified. The risk is that if the references change and add or delete nested references the drawing will not reflect those changes.
  • It is recommended to leave this variable commented if reference documents locations in ProjectWise are changed rarely. This offers a performance gain when working with design files with large numbers of models with large numbers of per-model reference attachments.
  • When to enable (Set to 1) – if user wants to have reference attachments always in synch with changes in ProjectWise.