ProjectWise and The RED X

Have you ever brought up a ProjectWise Administrator or ProjectWise Explorer and seen a red X on the datasource?

The reason behind it is due to a schema mismatch when doing a DMSconvert; it should recreate and force the DMSconvert process to recreate the table and indexes. In some cases it does not recreate the index and causes the red X to appear. For now we have found it is Oracle specific and for users moving to Select Series 3 from SelectSeries 1 or SelectSeries 2 and see the red X, there is a work around.

You will need to drop and manually create an index table with a unique keyword: In order to assure appropriate steps are taken please contact Technical Support Group ProjectWise so we can analyze logging and make sure this fix applies to the specific problem.

For users moving from SelectSeries 1, SelectSeries 2 or SelectSeries 3 to SelectSeries 4 (When it is released) you will not need to do anything except a DMSConvert  and it will update the scheme (tables and indexes) for you.

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