ProjectWise in an Integrated World

Here in the ProjectWise support group we get  questions about integration. It is usually one computer that isn’t working right. Maybe an AutoCAD file doesn’t open, the process stops with Drawing1.  Or when attaching a reference the Ref attach dialog doesn’t look in ProjectWise. Maybe exiting Word doesn’t open the check-in dialog.

In almost every case we start by making sure that the integration is installed correctly. Installing integration is a very difficult thing to do from a programming point of view.  We are adding parts of ProjectWise to another product. In order for that to work we need add our information in the right place in the registry.

99.999% of the time everything installs perfectly; someone will call and say “I just upgraded/installed on several hundred computers and only this one has a problem…”

Here is the process we recommend as a first step when we get calls about integration issues. In this example I am using AutoCAD 2012; but the process applies to MicroStation, Office Products, etc.

  • Uninstall ProjectWise completely. This includes the plug-ins, prerequisites and add-ons.
  • Run your preferred registry clean-up tool.
  • Then go to Control Panel Add/Remove Programs or Manage Programs and Feature select AutoCAD 2012 and select Remove/Repair
  • When the Application’s Install screen opens select Repair\Reinstall
  • On the next screen select Reinstall
    NOTE: For Non-Autodesk products running repair is fine.
  • Repeat the repair\reinstall as necessary for all the programs on the computer that are not working correctly with ProjectWise Integration.
  • Test the AutoCAD 2012 (and other applications) and verify that it works correctly without Projectwise.
  • Remove any residual folders/files found under the Bentley\ProjecWise folder.
  • Then install the new version of ProjectWise including the ProjectWise Prerequisites and be sure to check on the integration for AutoCAD 2012 (and other applications).

Most of the time these steps will resolve any integration issues.