ProjectWise on the web/mobile devices

Is Projectwise Explorer supported on Windows Tablet?

Not at the current time, however, if anyone would like rt version to be made available in the future development would like to know about it.

What are other options?

Field Supervisor which is a mobile app

What OS is supported?

  • Field Supervisor is now available on the Windows Store as a Windows 8 download, Android and iOS devices
  • Right now it is only supported on devices running Android 4.0 to 4.3.
  • 4.4 is not supported yet.

Are there any requirements?

Bentley Web Services Gateway. Please see


Which product should/can you run on a Windows device?

Field Supervisor ONLY works on Windows 8.1 x86 or x64 computers and does not work on Win 8 RT tablets. Win8RT has a limited subset of the graphics capabilities of Win8Pro, thus, we can not display our graphics properly on these devices.

If you are running Windows 8 Pro, technically it can run either Field Supervisor app or ProjectWise Explorer.

  • Windows 8 Pro allows the user to install any windows installable product, (which includes Bentley products such as MicroStation or ProjectWise Explorer).
  • Unless the installed product was originally designed to be touch enabled (our desktop products were not), the usability of the product based on a touch interface will give a poor user experience. (think of trying to select a specific menu item from a PWE menu with your finger, or draw an accurate length line in MicroStation)

If  you intend to use Windows 8 Pro device as a replacement for a laptop with a mouse attached most of the time, ProjectWise Explorer should run fine. In this case, we should support PWE in the same fashion as if it was installed on an actual laptop or desktop.

Where can I find help or other information?

There is also a community for Bentley iWare/Mobile Apps