ProjectWise Quick Search

Hate going in to the forum and seeing all those search options. You will need a guide to use the regular forum search. The search however via the forum or the quick search is a powerful tool. 
this post will cover few tips on how to use the quick search and the different syntax's you can use to run a search.
First off, there are a three default searches that are listed under the magnify icon in the quick search field   click on the icon and it will bring three pre-defined settings: All Content, Full Text Search and Document and Folder Properties (this includes project name and descriptions but not project properties) (SC1) Under Settings you can even set the default search as well keep number of searches in history.
All Content: will search every thing such as attributes, Full Text  document and folder properties. 
Full Text Search: will search all text in a file.
Document and Folder Properties: will search Document and folder Properties
If you click on settings you can create your own custom searches and give them unique names.
Once you create it it will be listed in the drop down.
*Another cool little tip not many know is you can actually right click on the field after you typed your text to search and select either to search the entire datasource, current folder or Environment*

When running searches here are a few syntaxes you can use to get more of an accurate search.
If you know the whole phrase then type it in with double quotes (ie. "Gas Authorities")
If you know part of the phrase then type it in with wild cards (ie. *Gas*) it will return all entries with Gas in it. 
following Operands can be used in the quick search:





Two separate expressions can be combined with AND in one field

While quick search supports the use of AND, you do not need to include "AND" between criteria items, because a blank space will always be interpreted as an AND operand.


Two separate expressions can be combined with OR in one field



Can be used with all criteria; NOT *pump, NOT NULL, <> A?


  • Note:

    The search option "Document and Folder Properties" does not search for Environment Attributes.

    You cannot modify the three default options.

    So if you want to search Environment Attributes, but NOT a full text search, you have to add a new search setting by yourselves.

    I have one created to search for: "Document and Folder Properties" + Environment Attributes