ProjectWise SS4 delivers a new mcm.user.cfg file for configuration of integrated MicroStation session

Compared to previous versions of PW, MicroStation configuration variables are now delivered in the mcm.user.cfg file. The mcm.user.cfg file is placed in the “\ProjectWise\bin” folder during ProjectWise installation.  The mcm.user.cfg file can be used to change the MicroStation default behaviors based on user configuration variable settings. In this case, place a copy of the mcm.user.cfg file into the user profile and edit that copy.


ProjectWise integrated MicroStation will load the delivered mcm.user.cfg first, and then it will load the copy of mcm.user.cfg from the user profile. The variable changes make in the personal mcm.user.cfg will override the default settings in the delivered mcm.user.cfg.


For example, to disable “READ ONLY DIALOG” in an integrated session of MicroStation, the “PW_DISABLE_READ_ONLY_DIALOG” variable can be used in the mcm.user.cfg file. See variable description below:



# Variable:


# Description:

#     If this variable is set, the "Document is opened as read-only" information dialog is shown when necessary.

# Value(s):

#     0 - Show dialog; 1 - do not show dialog

# Default:

#     Disabled, set to 1

# Purpose:

#     Customization

# When to enable:

#     User does not want this information dialog shown.

# When to disable:

#     User wants this information dialog shown.

# Remarks:

#    To enable the configuration variable in mcm.user.cfg uncomment the variable

#    (delete the # character from in front of the variable) and then enter the value after the = character.

#    Commenting out a variable will disable it.

# Related Variables:





For information on the complete list of supported variables available for the new mcm.user.cfg file, please refer to the PWExplorer ProjectWise V8i (SELELCTseries 4) help, Index Keyword: mcm.usr.cfg or the link below.