Security in ProjectWise

One of the more common questions we get in ProjectWise support has to do with security, specifically why someone doesn't have access to a particular document or folder.    First of all, for a thorough explanation of all security concepts, please reference the help file and the following Greenbook written by some of our Professional Services colleagues:

When it comes to security assigned at a particular level (folder/document) you may have multiple groups, user lists or individual users with various permissions.  What many wonder is how do they know which permissions are assigned in that case.

To determine the security for a particular user take a look at the image below and follow through from top to bottom.  

Basically the security is assigned for the first object that is applicable in the following order:



User List


If there happens to be multiple groups or user lists that the user is a member of, then the security is applied as a cumulative access list, unless one of them is specified to have "no access"

For instance, this folder has two users (admin and user1) a group (administrator) and the everyone group assigned.  Even though "user1" is a member of the "administrator" group, the security set for the user will be all that is applied: