SQL Lockout Correction can be a Useful Tool !

There is a new Technote on the Select Server Licensing area of the Wiki that might benefit some ProjectWise new installs.    A User may need to use the logical database account (SA) for the SQL Server or SQL Express to connect to the database in New Datasource creation in ProjectWise Administrator Module.

         A user may not enable mixed-mode authentication when setting up SQL Server and SQL Express, but this will essentially “lock out” the default SA account for use in Datasource creation.   If the default SA account is locked out, you may unlock the default SA account by going to SQLManagement Studio.  You may find the new technote at the below URL : http://communities.bentley.com/products/licensing/w/licensing__wiki/unlock-the-sql-server-sa-account.aspx

         To correct a locked out account situation, after locking the account you will need to set SQL server for mixed mode so one can login with the logical database account. Open SQL Management Studio and login as the trusted windows user to the database you need to change, and set the following setting:

        Restart the SQL instance for this to take effect.


       You should then be able to connect to SQL Server database to create a datasource.