The ProjectWise Espresso Shot (13 November 2017)

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Revit Users Can Quickly and Easily Stay in Sync with the Project 

This episode reviews the new ProjectWise Advanced Revit Integration that helps Revit users quickly and easily stay in sync with the entire project.


Productivity is impaired when Revit users are not integrated tightly with your ProjectWise environment. Revit users often prefer to work on a LAN or a specific WAN to optimize Revit application performance.

The resulting work silo requires Revit users to manually copy files to share their work and update non-Revit references. Manual syncing complicates their workflows. Revit users thus tend to sync infrequently and may resort to unmanaged exchanges such as email, FTP, or free file sharing services.

These practices increase risk and inhibit the frictionless multi-discipline collaboration demanded by the complexity and tight margins of today’s projects. Designs in Revit can quickly get out of sync with the overall design, causing design conflicts, rework, and schedule delays.


You can avoid these problems with the new ProjectWise Advanced Revit Integration. Advanced Revit Integration enables Revit users to quickly and easily stay in sync with the entire project without leaving Revit, changing their workflows, or reducing Revit application performance.

Here’s how it works. Administrators configure the Advanced Revit Integration once for the project, specifying: the Work Area and folder locations for Revit content, file name mapping to comply with standards, and version control rules to manage updates and support audits. Administrators also specify the non-Revit design references to sync from ProjectWise to Revit users’ local machines.

Once configured, Revit users use simple menu options in Revit to publish their design models and deliverables to ProjectWise as well as update local copies of non-Revit design references. The Advanced Revit Integration quickly completes the sync tasks, enabling Revit users to stay focused on their designs.


The benefits of the new Advanced Revit Integration are clear.

Revit User Benefits

Revit users can collaborate more efficiently with the entire team without changing how they work. They still use the network architecture that optimizes Revit application performance, do not have to leave the Revit environment, and they do not have to copy files manually.

Administrator and BIM Manager Benefits

Administrators and BIM managers can more easily enforce project CAD standards, manage Revit content with robust audit trails, and Connect the entire project team with Issues Resolution and other ProjectWise Connection Services.

Project Benefits

Overall, projects experience faster and higher-quality design coordination, resulting in less rework, fewer schedule delays, and improved margins.


The new ProjectWise Advanced Revit Integration is a game changer for any project with Revit users and just another way Bentley continues to increase the value you get from ProjectWise.

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