The ProjectWise Espresso Shot (25 October 2017)

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Projects Get Renamed and License Management Improves

In this episode, we share highlights of the ProjectWise Design Integration Update 2.3 release.

Highlight #1: Projects Get Renamed

We’ve renamed project entities in ProjectWise. Here’s why…

ProjectWise CONNECT Edition introduced many new integrated cloud services. These services complement ProjectWise Design Integration to enable an extended collaboration environment. To reinforce this concept, we’ve renamed a few things.

Work Area is the new name for project spaces inside Design Integration. Work Areas keep all the features of project spaces, including the ability to: define folders structures to store and manage content, specify participants and permissions, specify approved software applications, define CAD standards to promote consistency and quality, and define Workflows to speed reviews and approvals. Work Areas are a best practice for getting the most out of ProjectWise Design Integration

ProjectWise Project is the new name for projects defined in the Connection Center at ProjectWise Projects are the doorways to ProjectWise cloud services.

You can link ProjectWise Projects to Work Areas in Design Integration. Linking enables content managed in Design Integration to be accessed and used from ProjectWise cloud services. Linking Work Areas to ProjectWise Projects is a best practice to get the most out of the ProjectWise extended collaboration environment.

Highlight #2: License Management Gets Easier

The second highlight of the Update 2.3 release is a new option to help optimize ProjectWise visa and passport consumption. The ProjectWise Explorer client installation now includes an option to require Explorer users to log in to the CONNECTION Client.

Enabling this option will allow more user identity details to appear in license reporting, making it easier to see who is consuming a visa by using Explorer. Administrators can identify Explorer users who might be fully served with ProjectWise Edge and thereby consume a lower-cost passport.

The new option benefits Explorer end-users too.  By logging into the CONNECTION Client, Explorer users can access additional Bentley Services.

      • ProjectWise Connection Services
      • Adaptive Learning Services
      • Personal Mobility

Take advantage of these valuable benefits for users and administrators by enabling the new option in the ProjectWise Explorer installation.

And that’s your ProjectWise espresso shot for the day! Follow the links below to learn more about today’s topics.

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