Two meanings for "Caching"

The word "Caching" has two meanings in ProjectWise.
First there is a "Caching server" (formerly known as the "file transfer server"). A Caching Server is a server that holds a storage area and can be used as a gateway server. Caching servers are usually installed at remote sites so that the users have faster access to the files in the file storage area.

***Note:  Files stored in a Caching server in a storage area are the original files and should never be deleted.

Another method to get the files closer to the users for faster access is to use "Caching"
"Caching" is also a term used to describe the temporary caching of files. There is a variable called [cache] in the dmskrnl.cfg file on any server that has the Gateway, Caching or Integration server installed. Enabling this setting allows files to be temporarily cached on that server.

How it works: First the user must be configured via the ProjectWise network to connect through a ProjectWise server preferably at their site. Second the server must be configured via the [Cache] settings in the dmskrnl.cfg. Then when the user checks out or copy's out a file from the integration server, the file is temporarily cached on the local configured ProjectWise server. When the user opens the same file, ProjectWise checks to see if the temporarily cached copy on the server is up to date and if so tells the client to get the file from the local server's cache rather than from the storage area across the WAN. This functionality speeds up the checkout process for any file that is cached and up to date.

***Note: Files stored via the Cache variable are stored in a temporary area and are a copy of the original files.  These files can be deleted.

For more information on "Caching" see the ProjectWise Administrator help.