Use fully-qualified domain names for ProjectWise network configuration


In our V8i Implementation Guide it states:


'In the Host/IP fields on the DNS Services and Data source Listing tabs, although you can enter the host name of the server, it is recommended that you use the IP address. This will ensure a faster connection speed, since there is no name resolution involved; the IP address string is converted directly to an IP address.'


Pre V8i, yes, this information was correct. However, with the advent of IPV6 support in ProjectWise V8i, the official recommendation is to use Fully Qualified Domain Names.  FQDN in general is the proper way to configure ProjectWise networking.  


Why is it better to use a FQDNs rather than ip addressing?  You come in one day, nothing works and you don't know why.  Nothing changed.  Well, it did.  Your IT department forgot to tell you they changed the ip address over the weekend.  Trust me, it happens.  Now you get to go back and change all of your configuration settings.   

As your network grows beyond a few servers managing ProjectWise routing with IP address it becomes very difficult and troubleshooting becomes much more complex. ProjectWise is also being written to take advantage of FQDNs and DNS for network connections and you may find that using IP addresses in some areas doesn’t work as you would expect.


Some examples of this include getting gateway and caching servers to connect or work properly, and strange behavior with ODMA and iDesktop Integration.


So this is what we now "recommend". 


1. It is recommended to user FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names)

2. Keep it consistent. Whether you use short names or FQDNs you should use them consistently in the ProjectWise Network Control Applet as well as the dmskrnl configurations and don’t forget the storage area server name, this is the biggest source of routing and caching issues.

3. Hostnames in the dmskrnl.cfg that contain capitals at times have caused issues.  No, it shouldn't, but it has caused strange behavior with ODMA.  

4. ProjectWise uses reverse lookup, so if it’s not configured in DNS it can cause delays.