Using the BulkLoad tool

When you want to import a large number of documents into ProjectWise, the BulkLoad tool can be used. The tool can be access by selecting Start > All Programs > Bentley> ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries x) > Tools > User Tools. The User Tools opens to a ProjectWise dialog. Double click the BulkLoad icon and log in to the datasource you want to load the data. 

The bulk loading process involves the following steps:

For detail instruction on each step, please use the link below.

The BulkLoad tool scans the file system, creates an ASCII file that specifies all of the folders and files that you want to import into ProjectWise. Once the BulkLoad data file exists, you can process the file using the Process the file using the Process BulkLoad File tool to import the specified files and folders.

Note: The Process BulkLoad File tool appears as part of the BulkLoad wizard. The Process BulkLoad File dialog is a separate tool that can be access at any time directly from the ProjectWise Tools dialog.