Where are my Mail Recipient options ?


Open ProjectWise Explorer and log into your datasource.

Right click on a file and scroll down to the Send To Option

Typically you would see the following options:

  • Printer
  • Mail Recipient…
  • Mail Recipient as Link …
  • Messenger …

However, what to do when you only see the 2 Options below:

  • Printer
  • Messenger

What controls whether the Mail Recipient options are available? And more importantly how do you get them back.

The problem could be that the Mapi32.dll file is not available, corrupt or that the wini.ini is not configured to access the Mapi32.dll file.

Step 1. – Verify the file is in the correct path. Remember on 64 bit systems, there are two versions of "system32"  -  the one  that 64bit applications see in \windows\system32, and the one that 32-bit applications see, in \windows\SysWOW64.

In Windows 7 64 bit system verify that mapi32.dll is in the “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”  directory .

Step 2. – Verify the mapi32 features are turned on in the user profile via the win.ini. Of particular interest in the win.ini file is the [Mail] section. In this section the line “MAPI=1”, is what controls whether these Mail options are available.

In the example below, the Mail options are enabled. This is the default setting.  Commenting out the MAPI=1 line will disable the Mail options.








Below are a couple articles that could be useful regarding the MAPI32.dll file